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The ZEITGEIST brand philosophy is to absorb the essence of interconnectedness that the Zeit Geist movement portrays and through that reflect the dominant global influences of streetwear, catwalk, culture, music and art of our time.

Based in Cape Town, South-Africa, all garments are manufactured locally and limited production runs ensure that the collection remains exclusive.

The current winter collection takes it inspiration from a monochromatic palette with tribal elements featuring strongly in motifs.  Modern yarndye checks are used in trousers and knitwear features jacquard checks. Fabrics are luxurious and the range focusses on a lot of fine garment detailing in its modern day car coats with zips and asymmetric styling.  Textures are blended in knitwear and only yarn that appeals to the tactile senses are used.

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Brand Profile

No minumum order Etichal In Season
Collections P/A
2 main collections
USA sizing: S – XL
Average Wholesale Price
EUR 25-80
Agent commission 12.5%, distributor discount: 30%
Collection Size
30-40 articles
Country of Origin
South Africa