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Menswear casual and smart casual. Jackets, polos, tracksuits, tee, jeans, shorts.

We focus on using various fabrics from China, India and Pakistan. We design everything in house with our own designers, technical and photography team.

We focus on creating garments that Centre on quality. Our ranges capture a wider audience. We focus on the garment first and then the brand. Everything is designed in house and we have long standing relationships with our factories. We are a family run business, so we are focused on delivering ranges for our customers.

Throw away fashion is not us!

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Brand Profile

stock available
Collections P/A
UK sizing: S - XXL
Average Wholesale Price
Under 20 GBP/ 22 EUR
Agent commission: 12% Distributor discount: negotiable
Collection Size
Approx. 30
Competitive to
Jack and Jones, Hugo Boss, River Island, JD Sports
Country of Origin
United Kingdom