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SK 81 WOMAN 2 DSCF9940 2 2 copy fROG MD 06 WOMAN MK 110 CREATIVE 2 M 414 CREATIVE

Kiss The Frog Studio jewellery brand is famous for its detailed colourful narrative style.

We began our journey in 2004 in Athens, Greece with a small creative team.

Kiss The Frog Studio, is a handcrafted jewelry label by Greek Illustrator-designer Michail Kasapis.

Along with the senior maker Myrto Gleni, create unique, wearable jewelry determined to express their inner love for poetry and drawing, animation art and design, expressed in the most narrative manner.

All Kiss The Frog Studio jewelry is lovingly handmade and finished in our workshop in Athens, by a small team of passionate makers.

Our Illustration and jewelry design background led us to a unique way to tell a story in a narrative style

The process of the design and production of our jewelry is in constant motion. The “Look” is evolving while the creation is enriched with new techniques and ideas.

Our work mirrors our love for contemporary art, our philosophy of continuous artistic motion, our constant engagement with the art of jewelry, our participation in international jewelry exhibitions.

Every jewel we create is a story to be told.


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Brand Profile

Collections P/A
Average Wholesale Price
20-35 EUR
Agent Commission: 15%; Distributor Discount: 25%
Collection Size
Competitive to
NACH bijoux, Les Neredies, Titlee Paris
Country of Origin