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EINSTAKT is a Faroese fashion womenswear brand with a special focus on knitwear and hand-knitted pieces with a Nordic and timeless design. Blouses, dresses, scarfs and other accessories complete the brand offer. 

Modern and easy-to-wear designs, with a neutral colour palette and a feminine touch. Timeless pieces, never out of fashion, season after season.

EINSTAKT is based in the Faroe Islands, which has a very strong knitting tradition. All hand-knitted pieces are inspired from Faroese traditional knitting patterns and techniques.  

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Brand Profile

Collections P/A
Average Wholesale Price
€50 - €150 / £45 - £140
Agent commission: 12% -15%; Distributor discount: 25% - 30%
Collection Size
15-20 articles
Competitive to
Maiami, Ganni
Country of Origin
Faroe Islands