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Standard search: Zaket & Plover

Standard search: Zaket & Plover

25 September 2019
Author: Mariana Girardi


Zaket & Plover is an Australian womenswear brand offering luxury knitwear.


In 2018 Zaket & Plover actioned their expansion plan to find agents in both Europe and North America simultaneously using our agent search service, starting with USA, Canada and the Benelux region.

Since 2004 when they started in Australia, the only country they were exporting to was neighbour New Zealand and, with the help of Anton Dell team, they had an overwhelming surprise seeing the high number of agents interested in their brand.

From the first campaign sent out to agents on the same month we started this project – and throughout the next six months – they were already in serious talks with 19 of the best contacts in these countries.

Now, one year later, the brand is already selling in two out of the three regions and have started a new search, now in the UK, which has brought, in the first three months of searching, four well-established and very interested agents looking to collaborate with the brand.

In addition to the active searches, Z&P is now also in talks with an agent in ITALY that saw their profile on our website and asked to be put in touch – meaning a new market opportunity for Z&P just for having their profile on our website, which has proven to be a great brand awareness tool for any brand that works with us.

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