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Company Name: The Anton Dell Fashion, Gift & Home Consultancy

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2-7 Clerkenwell Green, Farringdon, London, EC1R 0DE

Phone: 0044 (0)20 3861 8650

Document: Privacy Notice

Topic: Data Protection

Managing Director, CEO & Owner: Mr Anton Dell

Date: May 2018


The Anton Dell Fashion, Gift & Home Consultancy (ADC) is a business which provides matches between Brands and Agents, Distributors & Showrooms.

ADC must process personal and business data (including sensitive personal data) so that it can provide these services – in doing so, ADC acts as a data controller.

You may give your personal or business details to ADC directly, such as our registration form via our website or we may collect them from another source such as telephone or email.

ADC must have a legal basis for processing your personal data. For the purposes of providing you with our services and/or information relating to partners relevant to you, ADC will only use your data in accordance with the terms of the following statement.

Collection and use of personal data

Purpose of processing and legal basis

The ADC will collect your personal data (which may include sensitive personal data) and will process your personal data for the purposes of providing you with matching services.

The legal bases the ADC relies upon to offer these services to you are:

* Consent

* Legitimate interest

* Legal obligation

* Contractual obligation

Legitimate interest

Where the ADC has relied on a legitimate interest to process your data its legitimate interests is/are as follows:

* If you’ve supplied ADC with your data to provide matching services, ADC has a legitimate interest in storing your data on our CMS and marketing platforms, so that we can contact you about relevant matches.

* ADC also has a legitimate interest in identifying the most suitable contacts within organisations to approach and offer our services or to approach on behalf of a brand or agent to offer a matching service.

Recipient/s of data

ADC will not process your data with any third party unless specifically requested by you.

Statutory/contractual requirement

If your data is required by law and/or a contractual requirement (e.g. ADC’s client may require this information), and/or a requirement necessary to enter into a contract, you are obliged to provide the data and if you do not the consequences of failure to provide the data are: ADC will not be able to provide you with services matching you to appropriate partners.

Automated decision making

ADC carries out profiling and decision making based on preferences and criteria when sending marketing campaigns. These campaigns are based upon corresponding factors (such as product line, location, price range and other segmentation options to ensure that our network only receives relevant and targeted marketing communications.

Sensitive personal data

ADC will only collect sensitive data from you where you have provided it and given explicit consent for ADC to collect and further process it.

Overseas Transfers

ADC may transfer only the information you provide to it to countries outside the European Economic Area (‘EEA’) for the purposes of providing you with matching services. ADC will take steps to ensure adequate protections are in place to ensure the security of your information.

Data retention

ADC will retain your personal data only for as long as is necessary. Different laws require ADC to keep different data for different periods of time.

Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 and The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 require ADC to keep records for at least two years from (a) the date of their creation or (b) after the date on which we last provide you with services.

ADC will keep your data for a minimum of two years unless you specifically request that it be deleted. ADC must keep your email address on record to ensure that we can supress our marketing communications should you have unsubscribed or requested removal.

Your rights

Please be aware that you have the following data protection rights:

* The right to be informed about the personal data ADC processes on you;

* The right of access to the personal data ADC processes on you;

* The right to rectification of your personal data;

* The right to erasure of your personal data in certain circumstances;

* The right to restrict processing of your personal data;

* The right to data portability in certain circumstances;

* The right to object to the processing of your personal data that was based on a public or legitimate interest;

* The right not to be subjected to automated decision making and profiling; and

* The right to withdraw consent at any time.

Where you have consented to ADC processing your data you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time by contacting us at

Source of data

ADC sources and receives personal data/sensitive personal data by the following means: Directly from you, when you apply using our forms via ADC’s website; A referral from someone you’ve previously worked with; ADC sometimes collects data from publicly available sources, such as;

  • * Trade Show and other Associated Directories (online or hard copy)
  • * Search engine results
  • * Social and professional networking sites.
  • * Other available information in the public domain

Your data is held on our Customer Marketing Software and our Email Marketing System Provider. Access to these platforms are restricted to essential personnel only and for the reasons as described above. We follow recommended best practices for reducing any breach or malicious opportunities.

We do not hold Personal Identifiable Data on staff computers. We use secure file sharing wherever possible. We regularly audit access privileges to ensure that only necessary personnel have access to the data needed to fulfil ADC client’s needs.

Complaints or queries

If you wish to make a complaint about this privacy notice or any of the procedures set out in it, in the first instance, please contact:

You also have the right to raise concerns with Information Commissioner’s Office on 0303 123 1113 or at or any other relevant supervisory authority should you believe that your data protection rights have not been adhered to.