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Standard search: Cavani

Standard search: Cavani

11 August 2020
Author: Mariana Girardi

CAVANI is a UK based menswear company, offering an extensive collection of suits, accessories and footwear.

This is a brand that defied all odds by investing on an agent search with us during the BREXIT hype and concerns from European countries on how to trade with the UK. 


We started a search for them in May 2019 in Germany and France.

Surprising us all, we received enquiries from agents in other countries as well like The Netherlands, Greece and even China!

They dropped the search in France (with two potential agents in the pipeline for the future) and appointed the Dutch agent instead, who is “over the moon” happy with the brand having opened over 30 new accounts for them in the first couple of months working together! Not to mention this is a very professional company that also gives us pleasure to work with.

We are now looking for a replacement agent in Germany as the first one we found them unfortunately didn’t want to continue during the coronavirus pandemic. This is something we are very happy to do at no extra charge, as our main goal is to find the right match to all brands that come to us for help.

The conversation with the Greek agent is also still very much active, even during the pandemic and we believe this will go forward as soon as the retail return to some kind of normality.

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