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Standard search: Nadadelazos

Standard search: Nadadelazos

2 July 2021
Author: Mariana Girardi

This is NADADELAZOS – A Spanish brand that want to dress children as authentic and real children, which makes for a fun kids and accessories clothing brand! 

They started a search with us in Germany, BELUX, Japan and Italy.

After the first campaign went out, the enquiries started to arrive and less than a month in, the brand had already been introduced to multiple agents in all but one country, which gave them the option to choose the best option for them.

Other opportunities presented themselves: We also received an enquiry from a B2B platform in UK very interested after seeing the brand on our website and, a month later, they had made an agreement for distribution to the whole country + Ireland.

As of July 2021 NADADELAZOS has opened four new markets with more to come!

Image source: www.nadadelazos.com


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