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Standard search: Crew Clothing

Standard search: Crew Clothing

19 August 2021
Author: Mariana Girardi

Crew Clothing - A British heritage brand for ladies, mens and recently, kids.

The first time we worked with this well-established brand was back to 2019 when they started an agent search to open five markets – Belgium, Scandinavia (as one region), Ireland, Italy and DACH region.

We received enquiries from all markets and as the search continued, Crew managed to reach an agreement with the Irish agent first (only two months into the search), followed by Germany and Austria not long after.

As it happens, a distributor in New Zealand was looking for a brand in the style and price points as Crew, so we recommended them the brand and they were hooked! Introduction was made and a couple of months later, they started a very successful collaboration.

In summary, they wanted to open five markets and we found them four new agents!

Not 100% success at this time but we brought them so many good contacts that now, it’s 2021, post-pandemic, and they started a new search with us now in Canada, which us currently ongoing and the brand is seeing a lot of interest also from across the pond!

The relationship between a brand and its agents is so important, that makes us smile when we hear from a client that “…the Irish and NZ agents will be partners for life!”

Image source: www.crewclothing.co.uk

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