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Premium search: Legowear

Premium search: Legowear

20 July 2019
Author: Mariana Girardi

Lego kids is not owned by the Lego company but is an independent company based in Denmark.

They had an agent in the UK previously, but he had not been successful.

Anton met with the franchise holders in the fashion fair in Copenhagen in February 2018 and they immediately agreed to starting an agent search in the UK.

We started the search in April 2018 by contacting all the kids agents in the UK who specialize in kids wear and in particular in the Lego price segment.

We had several agents interested and after having checked the background of the ones who had applied, we narrowed down the potential suitable agents to a choice of two and sent to Lego a detailed profile of the agents – within eight weeks, one of the agents was appointed in time for the next selling season.

Although we do not get involved in the details of the success of a brand after the agent is found, we understand that sales are developing well with the same agent.

Photo credit: www.legowear.com

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