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At ZENGGI we combine refinement, durability and a timeless blend of past and present. You are our muse. Throughout our entire design and production process we keep our focus on the woman wearing our pieces. That’s you.

Our collections are created to enrich your daily life. We achieve this with thoughtfully designed, wearable items perfected to the smallest detail. All our items are hand made in European studios, where the seamstresses have as much love for their craft as we do. You can see, and feel, this attention to every detail. We see fashion as a ‘métier’ - a craft in which heritage and tradition are to be respected.

Our collections are subtle fusions of past and present, in which innovative fabrics and classic production techniques find each other effortlessly. Thanks to our refined production methods and focus on quality, you are ensured an up-to-date look; not only in the moment, but for many years to come. We believe in less, but better. That is why we don’t present an overwhelming collection, but a smart one with items that can be combined endlessly, for every occasion. This means you will always have a complete and coherent wardrobe, without ever missing out.

We believe in slow fashion – timeless, yet modern, design and durable products as the answer to the current culture of trendy disposable items.


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Brand Profile

Etichal stock available
Collections P/A
2 collections divided in multiple drops
EU sizing: 34-44
Average Wholesale Price
50-150 EUR
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Competitive to
Humanoid, Sophie D’Hoore, Filippa K, Joseph, Chloé Stora
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