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YLX banner D758071 2++ YLX Original Laptop Bag 5YLX YHC6987 6YLX

After years of seeing the detrimental effect the fashion industry has on the planet and people, we decided to take actions. YLX Gear was born with one mission - to create high-quality, affordable bags that don't cost the earth – literally or metaphorically, and one driving goal – to prove that transparency and sustainable production CAN go hand in hand with long-lasting, trendy urban design and affordable pricing. 

YLX Gear is a young sustainable brand of travel gear with products ranging from backpacks, duffel bags, sports bags, computer bags and briefcases, shoulder bags, fanny packs, school accessories, or baby bags for men, women and kids. 

YLX Gear timeless designs are done in-house, combine functionality with style, and come in a wide range of unique colours. A strong attention to details and high materials quality are the perfect recipe for gear made to last.  

Brand Core Values 

Sustainability commitment: The evolution of our planet defines the life conditions of our future generations. Ensuring a sustainable environment is the core of everything we do. 

People Respect: We value our people and partners as much as our planet. We give everyone a chance, encourage their growth and reward their achievements. 

Customer Satisfaction: Our customers are the fuel to all our efforts and our most important allies. We listen to their needs and strive to exceed their expectations. 


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Brand Profile

Ethical stock available NOS
Collections P/A
Average Wholesale Price
20 to 35 EUR
Collection Size
Competitive to
Herschel, Jansport, Eastpak
Country of Origin
Hong Kong