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Walkiddy loves children and children love Walkiddy.

This is because we use the highest quality organic cotton from the Aegean Sea in the production of our Walkiddy baby and children's clothing. This special feature of our GOTS certified products is noticeable on the skin of our little ones.

The selected material and its loving workmanship from wool to yarn to soft fabrics to optimized fit, ensure that the little ones feel completely comfortable in their skin.

Walkiddy is cheerful and has style.

Inspired by nature and with a Nordic twist, Walkiddy's well thought-out colors and patterns make kids feel great in our clothes.

To make our Walkiddy products durable and environmentally friendly companions, we use only digital printing. This means your little one's favorite item will still look like new, even after repeated washing and wearing.

Walkiddy is practical.

Our Walkiddy products are not only socially responsible, sustainable and a real eye-catcher, but also functionally practical for gently dressing and undressing your kids.

Walkiddy also thinks about the mamas.

Slings made of organic cotton ensure a high wearing comfort for you and freedom of movement for the little ones. So you are flexible and the little ones can be with you everywhere.

Our USP are the realistic designs that sets us apart from other brands. Each design is created with care, and we try to keep our prints as realistic as possible.


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Ethical No minumum order stock available NOS
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2 collections with preorder
EU size 0-10 years (50/56-140)
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Under 25 EUR
Collection Size
Approx. 400 pieces to choose from. Normally our agents gets samples from every design and almost every article
Competitive to
Mini Rodini, Frugi, Duns, Maxomorra, Smä Folk
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