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2Z5A0312 Vladini 2Z5A0021 2Z5A0273 2Z5A0111 2Z5A0355

The Belarusian brand "VLADINI" was created in 2007.

The history of our company began with a small family business, which was based on the unanimity and understanding of a married couple. This is a story about the support and ability of one person to give a dream to another.

Today "VLADINI" is a modern full-cycle enterprise producing women's clothing.

From the moment of sketching and the first sewing of the product to the moment of launching into production, the models are improved and go through many stages of quality control.

We have:
-Own laboratory with artists, designers and tailors, producing experimental samples and carrying out a careful selection of all materials;
- modernized cutting shop;
-modern workshop for sewing products;
-the department that controls the quality of manufactured products;
-marketing department;
-sales department.
Our company has established itself in the market as a reliable partner, we value our customers and find an individual and comfortable mode of work with each of them.

We strive to create flawless clothing based on comfort and sophisticated simplicity.


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Brand Profile

stock available
Collections P/A
5 (mini collections)
Russian size 42-56, EU size: 36-50
Average Wholesale Price
25 - 100 EUR
Collection Size
Competitive to
Kiara (Belarusian fashion brand), Noche Mio (Belarusian fashion brand)
Country of Origin