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EGN 3763 EGN 0366 EGN 1008 EGN 0590 EGN 1403 EGN 4325

Vesnaletto is natural, aesthetically pleasing and attractive. We cultivate inspiration and ideas. Fresh colors, shapes, natural shades, appealing and exquisite details are at the core of VL's collections. Our brand is striving to make every woman feel attractive, admired, and desirable, despite the circumstances.

VL is a natural harmony of style, where everyone can find the right outfit. As a brand, we have high aspirations and keep up with the latest fashion trends. We provide TOTAL LOOK outfits, supporting them with accessories and different style advice. We seek to inspire beauty, style, and confidence!

Our company focuses on using natural materials in the manufacturing process. We care about our employees and partners and strive to deliver the best conditions and team spirit. Sustainable development is at the core of our operations.

Vision: comfortable and elegant VL outfits on many ladies around the world, which makes the confident and irresistible.

Mission: We make each woman bright, stylish, and confident.

Our USP is the fact we make a TOTAL LOOK and unique accessories.

Different pieces from the outfits can be combined with each other, creating new looks and unforgettable style. We take a very personal approach and we are well connected to our customer base.


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Ethical stock available NOS Plus Size
Collections P/A
Average Wholesale Price
80 - 150 EUR
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Competitive to
Pinko, Patrizia Pepe, Twinset
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