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Quality bed linen for the whole family.

Artonella OÜ produces high quality design bed linen for children under the brand name Uneleja (Uneleja = dreamer).

Our patterns are Scandinavian style, the fabric that we use is very high-quality cotton sateen, with TC210 -  TC300. Our designs come from Danish, and Finnish designers. The fabric, which comes from Italy and from Germany is digitally printed. All our products have OEKO-TEX 100 group I certificate.

Many of our products come with a good-night story, which is included into the package of the product. The main character of the story you can find on the duvet cover. This gives the child the first emotional bond with the new bed linen. The good-night stories are written by children’s book writer Hilli Rand tailored specifically to each design, to guide your child's dreams and inspire them to be Uneleja - an adventurous dreamer. The good-night stories are in Estonian but can be translated to other languages.

We can produce the bed linen in the measures of most countries standards. Our production time is from 12 to 14 weeks. Our prices are lower than other well-known brands but the quality is the same. All our products have EAN codes and SKU codes.

Our USP is that it is possible for adults to buy matching bed linen for their children to have a harmonized bedroom.


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Brand Profile

Collections P/A
We can produce any size of bed linens
Average Wholesale Price
25 - 150 EUR
Agent Commission: 15%; Distributor Discount: 25%
Collection Size
9-10 (different measures)
Country of Origin