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D34A3889 portable chili Abstrasso 7 low Chili 7+3 abs 2+3 ma1

We are an Israeli modern wall décor brand designed by Tzachi Nevo and based in Tel-Aviv.

We specialize in designing and producing three-dimensional images as wall décor, and we have more than 150 unique designs in various sizes.

We are selling to more than 150 shops all over the world, including Galeries Lafayette (Paris), Anthropologie (London), Conran shop (Tokyo), Lotte (Korea), Boutique Centre Pompidou (Paris), Boutique Louver (Dubai), Thyssen shop (Madrid), Reina Sofía (Madrid)

Our USP is the unique art 3D wall décor that is designed by the artist Tzachi Nevo.


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Brand Profile

stock available No minumum order
Collections P/A
3 new collections (20 items/collection)
Average Wholesale Price
Mini - 65 USD/ 50 GBP/ 80 CAD
Small - 120 USD/ 90 GBP/ 150 CAD
Medium - 210 USD/ 150 GBP/ 265 CAD
Large - 360 USD/ 260 GBP/ 455 CAD
12.5%-15% from net revenues
Collection Size
250 in total
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