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T I R E L L I is a family business that was founded in Melbourne in 2014 with the purpose to provide sophisticated and timeless designs in wearable shapes crafted from high-quality fabrics for the modern everyday woman.

Company has two labels T I R E L L I Weekend - style and comfort for downtime and beyond.

T I R E L L I - thoughtfully designed for those who desire classic cuts, clean lines and subtle details, T I R E L L I  garments are essential additions to a women’s wardrobe. Depending on the season T I R E L L I features knitwear, shirting, trousers, coats and tops. Pieces that create a versatile collection,

Each label has two collections per season.

Since its conception 6 years ago, T I R E L L I ‘s success has been built on their loyal customer base who are committed to the brand because of their consistency in quality, attention to detail and reasonable price points that give value to the brand.

T I R E L L I prides itself on designing classic styles that will become timeless wardrobe pieces.


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Brand Profile

Plus Size stock available
Collections P/A
S-XL (XXL, XXXL also available)
Average Wholesale Price
15 - 80 Euros
Agent Commission: 12.5%; Distributor Discount: negotiable
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