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RIGOROUSLY Italian craftsmanship.

DUST, life is a matter of style.

The DUST Concept goes against the current trend to industrialize the production of a standard and packaged product. Medium-low quality, massive quantities and automated processing times are not part of our philosophy.

At DUST, we choose the slower path: we use the craftsman’s hand to choose and work, rather than rely on machines that produce identical products. We have chosen to go back to basics.

We use a retro-vintage design to create genuine, stylish and practical goods that are then made

Handcrafting allows us to create a truly authentic product that will never be equal to any other. The care that a leather craftsman puts into his work is invaluable because it requires passion, time and honesty.

When you buy our bag, you have the knowledge and guarantee of owning an object that is absolutely unique and incomparable.

Italian design for life.

you will carry it with you.

Best leather in the world.

DUST wants to give you a practical product in genuine, high-quality leather. By virtue of this principle, and thanks to our decades of experience in tanning, the only possible solution was to use vegetable-tanned leather.

Vegetable tanning is simply the oldest and most natural way of tanning animal hides and it has been in use since prehistoric times because it employs materials found in nature for the tanning process.

Vegetable tanning is an ancient art that started spontaneously in the Middle Ages in the expert hands of Tuscan masters who were able to redefine the concept of tanning and give the leather a unique and unchanging lustre.




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Brand Profile

stock available In Season Made in Italy
Collections P/A
Small bag for women: 22x14x7 cm
Briefcase: 40x29x13 cm
Big backpack: 30x40x16 cm
Average Wholesale Price
25 - 320 EUR / 20 – 270 GBP / 25 - 340 USD

18 OZ British Millerain Made in UK same fabric of Barbour
Briefcase: 80-90 EUR
Backpack: 75-120 EUR
Duffle bag: 120-140 EUR

Vegetable Tanned Leather:
Small Bag: 50-70 EUR
Briefcase: 120-150 EUR
Backpacks: 80-150 EUR
Wallets: 30-70 EUR
Agent Commission: 12.5% Distributor Discount: Negotiable
Collection Size
30-40 models
Competitive to
Saddleback Leather, Bleu de Chauffe, Winter Session, Tanner Goods, The Bridge Italy, Selleria Boldrini
Country of Origin