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FARAH 1 ANTON DELL IMAGE 12 Main Pic SOFT TOP SuzyD SS215168 SuzyD SS215235
ANTON DELL IMAGE 12 FARAH 1 Main Pic SOFT TOP SuzyD SS215168 SuzyD SS215235

SUZY D London is aimed at women of all ages who love fashion and want to look and feel great.

Founded in 2005, combining high quality fabrics with affordable pricing, the ‘Suzy D London’ label was born – designed in London and manufactured in Italy. The label has steadily grown into a worldwide brand, supplying hundreds of boutiques and stores in the UK, Europe, USA and beyond.

One of the few UK brands to crack the USA market with reps covering the whole country.


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Brand Profile

Plus Size In Season Made in Italy
Collections P/A
UK Sizing: XS-XXL
Average Wholesale Price
25-85 EUR / 40 - 135 AUD
Distributor discount: 25% (negotiable) Agent Commission: negotiable
Collection Size
Competitive to
Made In Italy, Scandal
Country of Origin
United Kingdom