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SPOON collections are focused on the smart mix between sport and fashion. The look presents always modest color combination and modern cuts in functional yet beautifully fashionable designs.

The German-Italian label combines the highest qualities of materials and fabrics selected and produced in Italy.

The interaction between sportswear and innovative timeless designs create a perfect balance between traditions and modernity, which makes SPOON so unique.


This is a Golf collection like no other. Spoon have created a functional Golf collection that is both feminine and highly practical for serious and not so serious Golfers. Spoon also make a casual sophisticated casual collection that is also available to golf agents if they have contacts with fashion shops.


A clean feminine look with a twist of a sporty touch. Our roots, coming from the "golf", gives a strong direction for a high-quality line with emphasis on an always preppy look. SPOON is known for very fine and unique details on each garment.

Many shops in Europe stock both the fashion and the Golf collection

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Brand Profile

Made in Italy stock available Etichal
Collections P/A
2 collections
EU sizing
Average Wholesale Price
90-170 USD / 80-150 EUR
Agent commission: negotiable
Collection Size
80-100 styles/each; 200 color options/each
Competitive to
Fashion: MaxMara, Peserico, Fabiana Filippi; Golf: Bogner, J.Lindeberg, Kjus, RLX
Country of Origin