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gabrielle sweater jute Simon Image daisy flower scarf koi tunics taupe and coral tigerjungle silk tunic and twilly cyne4 IMGL8460
Simon Image gabrielle sweater jute daisy flower scarf koi tunics taupe and coral tigerjungle silk tunic and twilly cyne4 IMGL8460

Noble cashmere- & silk basics of timeless elegance, ingenious refined with fashionable quotes of the roaring 70s: That’s the look of Simone Bruns – finest cashmere and silk. With the in 2021 founded label we build a bridge between the present and the flower power generation: Each season we add to our basic collection some new designs by the style of the new hippie era with a touch of modern botanic. The new interpretation of the possibly most influential era in fashion history therefore come as oversized, floor-long coats, XXL-scarfs with fringes – chooseable between leather and crocheted by hand – completed by noble knitted ponchos or colourful shawls.

“With my collection I want to animate my customers to explore a new women in themselves and to stage their femininity in a lustful way”, says Simone Bruns. Each piece is the outcome of the highest quality standards in all areas: from the choice of the raw materials to the production. We at Simone Bruns uses high-quality highland cashmere & silk yarn from for example Nepal. It is known for the really soft haptic, a shimmer like pearl dust and such an incomparable comfort of wearing.

The manufactures in which we produce are part of the best ones in this industry. The women in the mostly family-run companies use the most noble yarn with handmade virtuosity at the highest level since many generations. They pass on their knowledge to their daughters from generation to generation. For us this growing know-how in combination with the newest production technology is the base for fashionable innovation: a
team we create season for season new surface structures in knitting and weaving optics that are never seen before. Those are highly recommended by the increasing number of our regular customers. At the same time the principles of sustainability, especially humane working conditions and fair wages, valid in all of the companies. Simone Bruns: “In this way I can help the women to feed their families. This makes me also a little bit proud.”

Our USP: Luxury, unique and handmade cashmere pieces produced under fair conditions.


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