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SF Brand Inc was founded over 20 years ago in Los Angeles, CA. Our head designer, Sheila Fajl, was born in Brazil and raised in the world of fashion. As a family, we built a factory in Brazil that would adhere to strict ethical practices regarding both sourcing and labor, while we developed collections focused on making the average day easier.
The design questions we ask ourselves include, "how much lighter can we make it? Is it life proof? Can I go to a final exam, then to the beach, then to a party with it? Can I do that for the next decade without worrying about this hoop turning me or itself green?"
We believe that your jewelry should not come with an instruction manual, nor should you ever remember its on unless someone compliments you on it.


Ownership over manufacturing yields extreme levels of quality and the ability to easily replace any defective products. Moreover, our systems allow for very lightweight and 'life proof' products with absolutely no allergens. If something does go wrong, instead of months long investigations or discontinuation, we can solve it in a matter of days.
Alongside this, we are a Brazilian company with an American ethos. Cross pollinating those two cultures allows for very interesting design language that you wouldn't find elsewhere. We make the absolute best basics in fashion jewelry.

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