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SHAYA FASHION is active in down jacket manufacturing. Our down jackets are designed and produced in our factory in Kastoria, Greece.

Our mission is to create unique and timeless pieces. Our top priority is offering products of excellent quality, emphasizing in the handpicked selection of the best fabrics and materials.

All of our fabrics are Italian and supplied specifically for jacket manufacturing. Our feathers are bought solely from carefully selected stock breeders from Europe, able to guaranty and certify the quality of the breeding products. The procurement of feathers is also based on the same supplying standards.

Our suppliers prioritize the rules related to “animal respect” including those living in their natural habitat. We measure each line of the pattern by making mathematical calculations on the area of each surface. Next, we fill the area with sterile feathers in order to create a symmetrical and even result everywhere. Each jacket has four layers of fabric - the outside, the lining and right under them, we create a coating made of special fabric that holds the feathers together.

The key points of difference between Shaya and other down coat manufacturers are that all our production is made in Europe (Greece) and our experience and understanding of fur and the unique styling combinations.


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Brand Profile

stock available
Collections P/A
Italian size (EU): 40-50
Average Wholesale Price
130 - 280 GBP/ 150 – 325 EUR / 220 - 480 CAD
Above 280 GBP / 325 EUR / 480 CAD
Agent Commission: 13% (negotiable); Distributor Discount: 30% (negotiable)
Collection Size
Competitive to
Ienki-Ienki, Moncler, Pyrenex, Herno
Country of Origin