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ADell Piper 800 x 1200 ADell Noah 800 x 1200 ADell Morocco 800 x 12002 ADell Malick 800 x 1200 ADell Felicia 800 x 1200 ADell Tessa 800 x 1200
ADell Noah 800 x 1200 ADell Piper 800 x 1200 ADell Morocco 800 x 12002 ADell Malick 800 x 1200 ADell Felicia 800 x 1200 ADell Tessa 800 x 1200

Candice Bernardoni has created a hugely successful B2C business with a 6 figure turnover - due to demand by Aussie and NZ shops she is now offering a specially designed range of her much loved fashion comfort shoes to retail shops in Australia and New Zealand

This is her story:

In 2014, Candice Bernardoni hit melting point from suffering excruciating leg pain and sore feet after years of wearing uncomfortable high heels in her corporate role in the finance industry. Completely fed up, she kicked off her expensive, boring, black high heels for one last time, quit her job has been on an epic ride ever since. Her mission was simple. Fill the gap in the market for affordable designer shoes that offer unique style and unmatched comfort so women can feel glamorous, confident and comfortable all day and night long. She was right, the demand was enormous, women were tired of wearing boring, uncomfortable shoes!

With limited collections featuring striking colours and exotic textures combined with unmatched comfort, Scarlettos has quickly gained a cult-like following with fashion bloggers, fashionistas and everyday women around the world. Wear them once and you will know why!

Brand Profile Scarlettos are colourful and stylish with a no compromise policy towards comfort and quality. Offering an eclectic range of Ballet Flats, Mid-Heels, Wedges, Sneakers all collections are limited ensuring individuality.

• UNIQUE - Striking colours and textures with materials hand sourced for each collection.

• PRACTICAL - Large Size Range. Scarlettos are created for real women with real feet. All styles are made from size 35 for our petite feet fans right through the 45 for those ladies who are tired of boring shoes in larger sizes.

• COMFORT - Genuine Leather & Padded Innersoles - conforms to your foot shape offering zero break-in time, superior comfort, durability, and breathability

Our USP- Custom designed styles for real women with real feet. Unique & vibrant colours and textures that are timeless collector pieces. Large size range from 35-45 (5-14)


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Brand Profile

No minumum order stock available
Collections P/A
12 - new styles launched every month
EU sizing: 35 – 43 (44, 45 being added from Oct 2021)
Average Wholesale Price
90-185 USD
12.5% -15%
Collection Size
3-4 (new styles per month)
Competitive to
Steve Madden, L'AUTRE CHOSE, Michael Kors
Country of Origin