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SanteWade LR 0058 SanteWade hr 0284 Sante and Wade AW19 266 edited SANTE + WADE AW20 SanteWade lr 0091 SanteWade hr 0289

Sante + Wade, Footwear that CELEBRATES all sizes.

Everyone should be allowed to stand out from the crowd. Sante + Wade’s footwear offers a range of beautifully crafted shoes in sizes EU 38 to 46, standard and wide. 

Nominated in four categories at the 2020 Drapers Footwear Awards, SANTE + WADE offers a range of design-led, high quality and comfortable shoes to take you from one occasion to the next. Whether long and lean, full and curvaceous, shoe size 38 or 45, customers are unapologetically feminine and embody some of the brand’s pillars: boldness and authenticity, standing out from the crowd and reclaiming femininity.

Sante + Wade cares deeply every step that goes into creating their shoes. The product development process starts with the bespoke development of hand-crafted lasts in the UK to the highest standards. The shoes are then hand made at Portuguese factories chosen for their long expertise. Sante + Wade use the finest European leathers and quality materials. Fans of the brand include Kate Winslet and British Vogue Columnist Paris Lees.


We do not target specifically sustainability events but as a company we want to ensure that every decision we make has a positive impact on our environment. This starts first and foremost with our relationship with our production partners. We work closely with multi-generational factories in Portugal who celebrate craftmanship with the continued use of traditional hand-made shoemaking processes. These are factories that share our values about creating timeless pieces and curbing over-production, where each individual worker’s worth is valued by the receipt of fair wages. 

We pride ourselves on the choice of materials we offer our customers and we go to great lengths to source materials that are beautiful and long lasting. Our leathers are of Spanish and Italian origin and sourced from suppliers who comply with strict EU environmental guidelines and obligations with respect to the tanning process and its impact on the environment. All of our leather suppliers are EU Reach compliant. Some are LWG certified partners. The Leather Working Group is an international organization that advocates for sustainable practices in the leather industry. All our leather is a by-product of the food industry and we do not use exotic leathers.

We use FSC recycled packaging for our shoe boxes and recycled cork in the footbed of our sneakers. We are committed to adopting further sustainable practices across our business, such as the introduction of more chrome free leather, which uses less water in the tanning process and is better for the environment. We believe that sustainability is a journey rather than a destination and as a responsible and honest brand, we want to make sure that every decision we make takes us further along that journey.


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EU sizing: 38 - 46, standard and wide
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Crispinsshoes, AQUAZURRA
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