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The Ritva Falla collection has been created to fulfill the needs of the busy women’s everyday life. All styles are high quality, timeless, easy to wear and care, adding a touch of luxury to everyday life. The gems in the collection are coats. High quality materials, exquisite details with designed tailoring that fit well are the starting points of each collection. 

Fabrics are sourced in the EU and in these countries, we produce our garments as well. Clothes are created not for one season only, but instead, each piece of clothing should last so that you grow so fond of them you want a new one exactly the same. Standard and plus sizes available.

Notable retailers: in Finland e.g. Stockmann department store, in the USA Pirkko Inc / Seattle, Counterpoint / Rochester, Am-Scan The Shop / New York, Norway Alle Magasinet. They also have mono brand shop in Helsinki.


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Brand Profile

Collections P/A
2 collections (Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter)
XS – XXL (or even XXXL), 34 – 46 (some even 48)
Average Wholesale Price
25 - 80 EUR
Coats: 150 - 250 EUR
Collection Size
about 60 articles in each collection
Competitive to
Eileen Fisher, Bitte Kai Rand, Sarah Pacini, Marimekko
Country of Origin