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PRIO is a Belarusian brand of women's clothing known for its exceptional fit of products, high quality, nonstandard cuts and original details. We can offer you to choose stylish and comfortable clothes in casual style, memorable elegant look or select harmonious pieces from the collection with eternal classic.
A wide size range from XXS – 5XL allows you to assemble a stylish look regardless of the size.

Our main principle is to create things that perfectly harmonize with each other. You can assemble a practical capsule that will look great with PRIO garments that you probably have already bought earlier. Our company has been making fashion for 20 years and exporting successfully.

We have a reputation for excellence of quality design and originality. Our USP is the wide variety of styling and sizes (XXS-5XL), 9 new collections every year and the use of natural fabrics.


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Brand Profile

Plus Size stock available
Collections P/A
Average Wholesale Price
25-150 EUR
Agent Commission: 15%; Distributor Discount: 30%
Collection Size
Competitive to
Mango, Zara, Massimo Dutti
Country of Origin