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“PRAVIKA” is an authentic Russian brand of premium men's and women's shirts with special patterns, embellishments and symbols that have a deep philosophical meaning. Exclusive prints and designer fabrics are created specifically for the brand "PRAVIKA".

The “PRAVIKA” shirt is a symbiosis of ancient culture, art, history with modern fashion trends manifested on fabric. This is a collaboration of times.


The origin of the design is based on Russian folklore and history and the result is a unique shirt, that reflects the culture of Russia over many years and incorporates the important symbolism built into the design of the fabrics.


The 2020 men's collection features 18 models. These are business shirts with hidden details: printed elements within the design including the and cuffs - ideal for formal receptions and business meetings.

There is also a casual side to the brand that includes striped shirts with original details and contrasting elements, shirts with an external print for the office without a strict dress code, for home, informal meetings.

The leitmotif of the collection is historically authentic patterns of the northern peoples of Russia. The geometry in the PRAVIKA men's collection reflects the basic qualities of male nature - forward movement, rhythm and strength. Every detail makes sense: a sewn-in braid with an ancient pattern in the collar and cuffs, red inner stitches in the side seams, a branded button with symbols from the inside on the bar.

The brand’s products are sewn according to European standards, fabrics from 100% cotton made in Italy, Belgium, France are used, the accessories are mostly natural.


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Brand Profile

Plus Size stock available
Collections P/A
Average Wholesale Price
50-70 EUR
Agent commission: 12.5%, distributor discount: 25% (both negotiable)
Collection Size
20-25 articles (additional updates to the collection 2 times a year 5-7 articles)
Competitive to
Etro - in terms of ideas. Eton, Eterna, Olimp, Hugo Boss, Vanlaak - in the quality of shirts.
Country of Origin