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Pink Martini empowers women with feminine boho chic wardrobe choices. The sustainable pieces offer comfort and style for a busy lifestyle.

Our Story

In 2006 creative Director Amir Bahar founded his own label, Pink Martini Collection in Toronto, Canada. At Pink Martini we celebrate diversity, empowerment and sustainability in hope of a brighter future. We hope to provide the Pink Martini woman with a chic and effortless look for her to continue a busy lifestyle in comfort with our wide range of boho dresses, graphics and shoes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower every woman with a sustainable yet fashionable option for a busy lifestyle. With Pink Martini, comfort and style are not interchangeable but synonymous. We want to create a culture of warmth and inclusivity, honoring diversity, empowerment and a sustainable outlook on life. Pink Martini hopes to create a new standard, and for each and every person to be the star of their own movie. We celebrate imperfections and strive to be real, which is why we create products inspired by real people who use them.

Empowering Women

We want fashion to be a source of confidence, promoted by diversity. We want to be a part of the democratization of fashion, including and celebrating all ethnicity, sizes, religions, LGBTQ, ages and personal styles. Pink Martini wants to help you add to your own style and create a new standard for future generations, challenging stereotypes.

USP: We use higher end fabric such as: Tencel, Viscose, Cotton, Cashmere for moderate wholesale prices. We use soft fabrics that drape well makes fit super comfortable with pocke

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