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"NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING, it’s made to not make sense. The slogan I guess sums that up: No one sense made non/sense."

When you scratch the surface though, NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING has a much deeper meaning; it comes from my own outlook, on how the world and people work. There is nearly always an ulterior motive or hidden agenda behind things. Sometimes you have to dig deeper to find the answers or look at something from a different perspective.

NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING's approach to creating the brand, was to captivate an audience with NON/SENSE. Our branding is broken down into syllables, to reflect how the NOTA visionary processes words.

The word processing is something unique, with dyslexia playing a fundamental part in Jake's daily lives and literature. Jake, the NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING visionary believes that creativity holds no bounds and should be an expression of the mind, even when restrictions are put in your way.

When creating the DEB—UT collection, he was told how his vision of a high-end, sustainable streetwear fashion label, would be almost impossible to produce, with too many components needed to fulfil our vision of creating what we had envisioned. With many hours of research and meetings with various textile production companies, our vision started to appear, and our components started to merge and attract.

NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING, is a high-end, sustainable, streetwear label, that wants to change how sustainable fashion is perceived and worn. While taking on the fight against something the NOTA Founder Jake, despises... Fast Fashion.

NOTA is working hard with the manufacturing partners in Portugal, to ensure they are researching and developing the best practices and martials possible, to be a leader in the production of high-end fashion. As well as the practices and the materials used, Jake, the founder, believes that sustainability starts with humans, he knows every aspect of the supply chain and has been to each facility and meet and speak to as many workers as possible. He wants to ensure that people are paid more than a fair and living wage, this is where, in his opinion sustainability starts, with humans.

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Off-White, Heron Preston, Palm Angles, A-COLD-WALL*, Palace, Stüssy
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