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Natural Vibes colours your steps with its unique designs while making the world a better place. Discover its more than 30 designs and gift boxes that won't let anyone indifferent. High-quality socks produced in a sustainable and ethical way (Global Organic Textile Certified) with the best-combed cotton. Moreover, Natural Vibes dedicates a part of their profit to fight climate change by reforesting areas in need with weforest.org.

Located in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg, Natural Vibes started in 2018 experiencing a very successful journey, a journey that we want you to be part of it.

We use sustainable fabrics and continuously work on providing the sharpest designs.

All our socks are certified by the world's leading Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS - TEX2064).

We all have a responsibility to do our best to offset climate change. At naturalvibes.eu we offer a big range of colourful socks made with the most sustainable materials while contributing for a better fashion industry. The Zambia project is one of our favourite projects for the variety of trees that a planted and the involvement of the local community.


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Brand Profile

NOS Etichal No minumum order
Collections P/A
Women: 36-40
Men: 41-46
Kids sizes will be available from October 2019
Average Wholesale Price
4.95 EUR
Agent commission: 15%; Distributor discount: 35% (negotiable)
Collection Size
15 models per collection
Competitive to
Happy Socks, Jimmy Lion
Country of Origin