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"Welcome to Mutsaers" a family business that has been making handmade leather goods for three generations, under the flag of Mutsaers Lederwaren.

For over 55 years, we’ve been working on beautiful, authentic, and characterful leather products, with passion and experience. We still make every bag by hand in our workshop in Kaatsheuvel.

We use quality leather to make your own characteristic bag, with which you’ll distinguish yourself – in a positive way. Craftsmanship is our main priority: every bag is made by hand, in the Netherlands. Every day, our goal is to make you the perfect bag.

USP: Handmade in the Netherlands, craftsmanship, history brand, family business

Sustainability: we only use sustainable leather - we use leather that is a by-product from the industry

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Around 120 EUR
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16 - in different colours
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Castelijn & Beerens, Plevier, Bagageonline
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