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Melani 31 Chelsi 59 Vanessa 53 Sheron 09 Tonni 43 344

We are a designer factory of wedding and evening dresses “MERRI".

We have our own factory in Europe in the Republic of Belarus. We have 23 years experience and we are very flexible following the special request of our clients. We are a second-generation family business with a team of talented employees who help us to win the hearts of brides every day.

We also have experience in shipping to Europe and the USA and we are currently looking to expand our business in both continents.

We are able to customize the dresses on request. We sew each piece according to the measurements taken up to size 46 (European size) and e use mainly polyester fabrics but we can also make dresses from natural fabrics. A perfect quality is our top priority.

Constant support, special offers, and the ability to be the first to order our new collections are just a small part of the benefits when we start our cooperation.

Our USP: We are able to sew dresses to individual size according to the measurements taken by the customer.


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Brand Profile

Plus Size No minumum order stock available
Collections P/A
EU 32-46
Average Wholesale Price
150 - 250 EUR
Agent Commission: 12.5%; Distributor Discount: 30%
Collection Size
Competitive to
Papilio, Lady White in Belarus
Country of Origin