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MAYU is a sustainable luxury lifestyle brand which promotes a conscious way of life. We make handcrafted leather goods using sustainable materials such as salmon, wolfish leather and other vegan materials for the betterment of our people and planet.

Throughout our supply chain, we use and apply ethical, responsible and sustainable means to create, offer and deliver some of the finest luxury goods that make you feel good inside out - we do all this without compromising on design, aesthetics, quality, form or function of any of the goods. We hold high-quality standards and maintain exclusivity in our range of goods by ensuring that each of our pieces are truly one-of-a-kind  through the use of innovative materials, design and function. 

As a modern brand with a traditional core, MAYU is reaching out to explorers, movers, dreamers and shakers. We are proud to lay the foundation of MAYU on the brand values of Ethics, Sustainability, Empowerment and Craftsmanship. 

Our products are finely handcrafted by mainly women artisans in India at a zero-waste facility from fish leather procured from Iceland and Germany. Our products are designed in New York and Paris to offer unique and timeless pieces of art in the form of our products.

With the Golden Circle Collection we are bringing the essence of Iceland’s traditions, the colours of its landscapes and the texture of its oceans.

We will continue to strive to innovate and make sustainable luxury an accessible reality. We will be using some other interesting, unconventional, sustainable and innovative plant and fruit-based materials that would be vegan - made from pineapple waste, banana tree stems, coconut husks, and more.

- We are committed to giving 1% of our profits to environmental and social causes.

- Over 90% of our artisans are women from underprivileged backgrounds who are skilled-up to make world-class, high-quality products.

- Our products are made at a zero-waste facility in India which complies with EU and US regulations and standards.

- We offer high quality and one-of-a-kind sustainable luxury experiences to our customers around the world while also touching the lives of those around us.


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Brand Profile

Collections P/A
2 Collections
Average Wholesale Price
EUR 75 to EUR 100 with pieces up to EUR 500
Agent commission: 10-15%, Distributor discount: 20-25%
Collection Size
4 product styles
Competitive to
Wandler, Stella McCartney, ATP Atelier, M2M Atelier
Country of Origin