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Artisanal Embellished Cashmere Scarves for Women, with Eclectic Contemporary, Edgy & Sophisticated Styling, Hand Crafted in India.

MAULI CASHMERE, is a luxury cashmere accessories brand. We design and manufacture Cashmere Shawls, Stoles & Scarves with intricate hand-crafted embellishments for men and women.

The Red-Ochre colour thread has great significance in our tradition and is worn around the wrist with pride. A ‘Mauli Cashmere’ shawl is a promise of originality and authentic hand-craftsmanship. We believe in consistent innovation, creating products that are edgy, sophisticated, and timeless. Seasoned team of designers tirelessly work with highly skilled craftsmen to deliver each ‘Mauli’ promise.

Shawls are our canvas, and embroidery is our expression. Blending the two, we create “Cashmere Moments”.

The brand was born from the deep belief of its founders, to preserve the finest handcrafting skills available in India and to promote the “Made in India” products on the global stage. We are versatile in our design sensibility, from edgy urban look to sophisticated timeless heirlooms. Our highly skilled team of inhouse craftsmen spend countless hours, meticulously embroidering on the scarves. We strive to reflect the deep passion of these designers and craftsmen in each of our products.

As per the international guidelines of Social, Health and Safety standards, we rigorously monitor our manufacturing methods and quality controls to ensure that each piece truly reflects our beliefs.


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Ethical quick delivery No minumum order stock available
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Stole Size (70 x 200 cm), customized sizing possible
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From 90 USD / From 75 EUR
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