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Marvêlle was launched by the accessory company The Craft Legacy, whose creators were the first in the world to develop a magnetic mobile case back in 2010, meaning that mobile devices can be attached to almost any metal surface, from fridges to gym machines. 

The brand offers unisex cases that match magnetic wallets, constructed to have a slim and sleek form with room for credit cards and other documents, still maintaining a minimalistic silhouette. The result is a functional and fashionable accessory. MimmicTech is the vegan-friendly certified material developed to imitate different patterns in many colours, while respecting the planet. The material is water repellent, color resistant and durable over time.  

A new collection of plastic magnetic cases – a unique innovation first of its kind – will be launched as SS19 collection in February 2019. These cases, coming with a luxury enameled logo plate and thin silhouette, have magnets inside and can mix and match with the original magnetic wallets. Also, the brand is the first to launch magnetic mobile phone cases that support wireless charging.  

Packaging is another strong visual feature of the brand. Thanks to a ‘lenticular image’, depending on the viewing angle, the consumer will see a 3D live picture appearing and shifting to show in a playful way that the same packaging carries two products: mobile case and wallet. The goal was to create a stylish package that the end user would not throw away. 

Marvêlle has been nominated for the Swedish Design Award 2018 in the categories Product Design and Packaging Design. 



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