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Twill Scarf Reef Creatures Where the Dreamtime Meets the Silk Road 2 Long Scarf Medicine Tree 1 Where the Dreamtime Meets the Silk Road 1 Top Water Bird Wrap Womans Strength 1
Where the Dreamtime Meets the Silk Road 2 Twill Scarf Reef Creatures Long Scarf Medicine Tree 1 Where the Dreamtime Meets the Silk Road 1 Top Water Bird Wrap Womans Strength 1

Mainie is a reputable, luxury fashion accessory and gift brand with a consistently high-quality, competively priced product. Mainie’s key point of difference with competing Australian brands is its exclusive use of certified authentic Aboriginal designs on its wearable art pieces. The artwork featured on Mainie products is ethically acquired from Aboriginal owned and controlled arts centres located on the ancestral homelands of the artists.  This ensures the authenticity of each artist’s work as a genuine depiction of a traditional Dreamtime story that has been handed down through many generations of the artist’s ancestors over tens of thousands of years. 

The Mainie business model is based on a genuine commitment to social responsibility principles, whereby the Aboriginal artists and their families directly benefit from the commercial use of their artwork designs.  Mainie’s brand ethics and integrity resonate strongly with socially conscious consumers.

Mainie offers uniquely Australian fashions and gifts, handmade from premium silks that are beautifully presented in a customised gift box with information about the provenance of the original artwork and the Aboriginal artist’s story.

There are other Aboriginal art scarf products available in the market, but these are generally made as token souvenir products on cheaper fabrics such as polyester or low-quality silks. The rival scarf products are usually smaller in size, screen printed with machine sewn finishes, and are not competitively priced against the premium quality, digitally printed and handmade Mainie product. 

Digital printing is the key to Mainie's special ability to capture the hand painted look and feel of the original artwork onto silk. Digital printing technology also achieves excellent saturation of the design print. This ensures that there is minimal difference between the look of the design on both the printed and unprinted sides of the silk.


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