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panier saint germain concorde recadre Les Jardins de la Comtesse Bali theme Melamine 2 concorde chambord Campagne ambiance Jardin de Joy c Fabrice Rambert Picnic Labeyrie 3
concorde recadre panier saint germain Les Jardins de la Comtesse Bali theme Melamine 2 concorde chambord Campagne ambiance Jardin de Joy c Fabrice Rambert Picnic Labeyrie 3

Les Jardins de la Comtesse is a French luxury giftware, homeware and kitchenware brand specialized in outdoor and indoor products. Our spirit is to create unique products with the finest quality promoting the French ‘’Art de vivre”. Dedicated to medium and high class products we, throughout the supply chain ensure to work with the best materials while matching European standards.

Focused on becoming a leading actor on this market, we launched two years ago a complete range of melamine tableware with a unique spirit, exotic designs with shimmering colours. Thanks to the success we had, we developed in collaboration with various designers many different collections in order to have a complete range. Declined in plates, bowls, salad bowls, cake dish, trays, and more, our products are 100% pure melamine (BPA free). The brand is now working in offering different materials such as bamboo or tempered glass is order to match ecological standards.

Our brand is also well known as a European leader for picnic baskets, especially in the premium segment. Fully handmade, using the finest willow strands from sustainable harvests and eco-friendly paintings, our hampers distinguish themselves from competitor’s ones by their quality and sense of details. Under copyright protection, our products benefit also from a qualitative after sale service including spare parts.

Our picnic section is completed by a full range of picnic tablecloths. With a waterproof back, those can be used directly on the ground, grass or sand to create a perfect picnic scene but as well as garden tables’ tablecloths.

As a quickly growing company, we now have a large network of resellers in France and around Europe, including independent shops, department store, small and large chains of shops. Our ambition is now to develop in countries such as Spain and Germany where our products are highly appreciated.

Launching a new Bamboo fiber and a new melamine tableware collection this season.

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Brand Profile

quick delivery Ethical
Collections P/A
Tableware: 5 collections and 3 capsule collections
Average Wholesale Price
25-80 EUR
Tableware and tablecloths: under 25
Up to 18% for agencies covering territory with multiple agents 15% for independent agents (% based on the goods’ value, transport fees excluded)
Collection Size
The main collections include 12 different products such as plates, pasta plates, salad bowls, salad servers, trays, cake dish and more. A full range of picnic baskets (around 50 skus - 38 different models, some displayed in 2, 4 and 6 persons) and a rang
Competitive to
Emporio Zani, Guzzini, for melamine tableware. CILIO, Aubry Gaspard for picnic baskets
Country of Origin