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Krazy Larry Inc. was started in 1996 as a sportswear company under the corporate umbrella of KLP Sportswear. In 2006 KLP became Krazy Larry Inc. and transformed itself from a sportswear house to an item pant company.

Krazy Larry has four labels: Krazy Larry, Luxe, Culture, and Culture NYC.

In the bottom (pant) business it's about the fit and the easy care. Women with pants and shoes: when they find one that fits, they are mine forever. What separates Krazy Larry from our competitors is the focus on selling stores and regions that are in-season. Only KL has 41 colours and 101 prints.

Krazy Larry delivers: Buy now, wear now merchandise in season.

Krazy Larry has two core fabrics that are shipped twelve months a year:

1) Rayon/cotton/nylon: 6 styles, 41 solid colours; 101 prints
2) Microfiber: 3 styles; 15 colours
3) Golf division: Rayon/cotton/nylon: 3 styles, 41 solids, 101 prints
Pocket pant; pocket short; pocket skort. These three styles are also sold to Krazy Larry brick and mortar and in turn to the customer.

All pants are pull-on with a tummy tuck. All pants are machine washable and hang to dry.


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Brand Profile

quick delivery stock available NOS
Collections P/A
Styles added, Fall, Spring Summer available 52 weeks/year. Fall usually add 10 prints or colours; Spring/summer usually add 20 prints+colours+4 new fabrics each year
EU sizing: 32-46, 14W-24W
Average Wholesale Price
49-69 USD / 40 - 60 EUR
Collection Size
Approx. 24
Competitive to
Robel, Ribcoff, Max Mara
Country of Origin
United States