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Cojin Colina Asimetrico flores chair1 IMG 1319 PHOTO 2019 08 07 11 00 40 1 IMG 1427
Asimetrico flores Cojin Colina chair1 IMG 1319 PHOTO 2019 08 07 11 00 40 1 IMG 1427

Kóokay is a 100% Mexican enterprise that work with local people, mostly women, empowering and helping them to become an independent workforce to build up their communities. We pay a fair price and 20% of the profits of the accesories go to buy eyeglasses for the community.

Kóokay is commited with the enviornment, so we recycle, reuse, remake and redesign old/vintage/modern/contemporary furniture for the making of beautiful, handmade pieces, so you will not find a machine made perfection in us.

They don’t have collections because they only make one piece of each. Every furniture is unique, not only in the furniture itself but also in the handmade embroidery. Nobody will ever have the same piece.


All orders will be sent from Barcelona's distribution centre.


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stock available Etichal
Average Wholesale Price
Above USD$ 390
Agent commission: 15%; Distributor discount: 25%
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It varies – never the same
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A unique product
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