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The collection can be best described as Womens Urban Fashion, the difference between ours and other similar brands, is that our collection is made for the Modern woman.

The collection represents a decade of great success and a lifetime of the creative flair of the designer.

We have large production capacity and because of the many years we have been trading we understand how to make good quality clothing, ccreating attractive and easy-to-wear garments. With the objective of expanding the brand throughout the world. The clothes are manufactured 100% in Spain in our workshops, with quality control and test in mannequin of the patterns, adjusting them to make it perfect. We have numerous suppliers of fabrics, fittings and labels, which helps us create each garment and each collection in all its details. Our design department is constantly seeking to improve and offer the latest trends, we adapt all that to our type of woman, free and determined.  Garment sizes range from 36 to 54, all silhouettes are rigorously tested on fit models

The brand is made for modern, working  independent woman.

The collection is based on summer colors: red sunset and blue water.

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Brand Profile

No minumum order
Collections P/A
Average Wholesale Price
20 – 25 EUR
Agent commission: 12.5% Distributor discount: 30%
Collection Size
30 models with a variant of fabric and colour
Competitive to
Naulover, Bimba y Lola, Salsa o Guess
Country of Origin