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HDR2 Roma2 1 Roma7 pink bag model Roma8

At Henry Daniel Fashion our core philosophy is the manufacture and sale of a fun, versatile, and affordable luxury collections and designed accessories to meet the varied and dynamic needs of trend-conscious women and girls throughout the world.

We pride ourselves on hand made Italian fashion pieces with a variety of tones. Our Fabrics and Materials are all hand picked by Daniel Himself and we work Source our materials  with the suppliers who work the top Italian Fashion Houses 

All our fashion Pieces are hand made by Artisans and only the best Quality materials sourced with from our accessories to our Clothing range. 

Every Season we bring something new with new patterns and designs with all our Brand labelled Hand Made In Italy 

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Brand Profile

stock available In Season
Collections P/A
UK sizing: 32-46
Average Wholesale Price
• Bags: 50 – 100 EUR
• Leather Jackets: 200 EUR
• Clothing: 100 EUR
Agent commission: 14%; Distributor discount: 27%
Collection Size
5 articles per collection
Competitive to
Michael Kors
Country of Origin
United Kingdom