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Höjtryk Accessories is a Danish brand, which you will find in every shopping mall throughout our lovely kingdom. We sell B2B exclusively.

We are mostly found in clothing stores who target the 8 – 16-year-olds. But we are also represented in stores with wider target groups because of our wide product span.

What makes us different than our competitors is the fact that we do not work with collections, but we are always aware of the development in fashion and by always having an eye on what is popular instead of locking ourselves into collections, we adapt much faster to change and therefore we can have the right items out in stores long before our competition.

Most of our danish customers experience next day delivery – we work hard and we work fast to keep the newest trends in stock, but also to remember to keep moving – fashion is everchanging and so should your supplier.

One of the secrets of our success is our ability to adapt our products to the current fashion makes us faster than our competitors.



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Brand Profile

stock available quick delivery No minumum order 24 hours delivery
Collections P/A
Approx. 8-10 collections a year
One size
Average Wholesale Price
Below 25 EUR
0.27 EUR (hair spiral) - 60 EUR (ring box)
Agent Commission: 12.5% (negotiable) Distributor Discount: 30% (negotiable)
Collection Size
5 - 20
Competitive to
Bondep, Suiava, Claries
Country of Origin