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Foil SS21 Images6 Foil SS21 Images4 Foil SS21 Images3 Foil SS21 Images2 Foil SS21 Images Foil SS21 Images5

FOIL is backed by long established business with strength in design, sourcing, quality and fit. Longbeach the patent company, has over 40 years of experience creating authentic womenswear ranges and a proven track record of supporting retail partners for sustainable business.

The FOIL range perfectly reflects the brand persona and services that market.

We have grown to be a crucial part of our New Zealand customer’s businesses -foil is on a trajectory of expansion worldwide and in many cases are responsible for over 75% of their womenswear budget.

We do trade ethically and have robust supplier code of conduct.

Sold by 350 Stockists in Australia and now selling in UK


The Foil wearer is your Cleverly Stylish Friend

She has a strong sense of personal style and individuality.

She wants something that you don’t see everywhere, something that stands out for being just that little bit different. But not in a ‘shouty’ sort of way. It’s a much more subtle type of flair.

She is fashionable – but not a fashion follower.

She buys little and often, adding the layers to her wardrobe over time that will give it longevity.

She doesn’t chase fads.


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Brand Profile

Collections P/A
EU sizing 8-18 or XS to XL on jersey knit and fully fashioned knitwear
Average Wholesale Price
30-90 USD / 25-80 EUR
Agent commission: 12.5% Distributor discount: 30%
Collection Size
100-120 articles
Competitive to
Mint Velvet, Sandwich, Pomodoro
Country of Origin
New Zealand