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Fiocco Nero is a luxury men’s shoe brand. The Fiocco Nero customer enjoys statement pieces that combine classic and contemporary styles inspired by Italian craftsmanship. Each shoe is a tool designed for self-expression. Here at Fiocco Nero we love quality, to look good, comfort, and appreciate the small details of life. Fiocco Nero shoes are shoes with a special presence, affording a sense of confidence like no other. 

After styling and dressing customers the past eight years in the European market, Fiocco Nero is ready to style and dress the Canadian man! 

Fiocco Nero shoes are one of a kind. Our dress shoes are made in Italy using the finest materials. Fiocco Nero uses different handcrafted techniques when making their shoes. Depending on the shoe style and design, special hand-painted and brushing techniques are used. This ensures that each shoe design stands out in style and quality. 

Fiocco Nero promises to always deliver one of a kind designs that stand out and exudes confidence. Curiosity and innovation are the heart of Fiocco Nero. We evolve by finding new doors to open. 


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Brand Profile

quick delivery Made in Italy In Season
Collections P/A
US sizing, anything can be made
Average Wholesale Price
110-140 USD
Collection Size
45 styles
Competitive to
Magnanni, Common Projects
Country of Origin
United States