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Fassbender 22 klein Fassbender 01 klein Fassbender 03 klein Fassbender 21 klein Fassbender 11 klein Fassbender 08 klein
Fassbender 01 klein Fassbender 22 klein Fassbender 03 klein Fassbender 21 klein Fassbender 11 klein Fassbender 08 klein

Fassbender is a Hamburg-based label that brings together the elegance of sophisticated tailoring and the functionality of high-performance clothing. A Fassbender garment is an everyday companion that makes it through the rainy morning walk and shines at the cocktail dinner in the evening.

Founded in 2017 by fashion industry veteran Christina Fassbender with her brother Sebastian Steinhoff, and designed by New York-based creative director Matthias Louwen who has worked with fashion houses like Calvin Klein and Alexander Wang, Fassbender is a friends and family business with a strong commitment to quality and responsibility.

Every single Fassbender piece is made with a human touch, with creativity and emotions. The designs are handmade on dress form, manually drawn and perfected with meticulous cutting techniques. Each garment is worn and tested by Christina and her friends before going into production.

The entire collection is made in Europe and committed to responsible production. Every season, Fassbender is on the watch for the newest material innovations that are sourced from certified workshops with high ethical standards, such as alpaca and lamb wool produced by animal-friendly farms, vegan leathers or newest recycled synthetic

Fassbender Woman:

Fassbender is elegance and strength paired with a sense of sophisticated Hanseatic understatement.

The Fassbender woman is always on the move, effortlessly balancing family, friends and work.

She is creative, smart, loves life and she cares.

She cares deeply about the people around her and the environment she inhabits




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