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IMG 2776 Kit mix DSC 1042 1 IMG 3204 Recuperado IMG 8177 IMG 3260

ELBA CONCEPT was born in one of the most famous luxury design house in France, our goal is to create a new versatile bag, easy to customise and to change from shape to texture and even its graphic design.

The name is inspired by the first prototype made in paper which showed the head of an elephant (which then also became the design of our logo) thus creating ELBA CONCEPT meaning the “ELEPHANT BAG CONCEPT”.

Our unique selling point?

A revolution in a bag! A unique concept in global fashion, completely modular handbags which you can assemble yourself in a customized manner and which can be packed flat into a suitcase.


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Brand Profile

No minumum order stock available
Collections P/A
Medium sizes : 33.5 x 16 x 17 (cm)
Average Wholesale Price
80-250 EUR / 70 – 220 GBP
Agent Commission: 12% (negotiable); Distributor Discount: Negotiable
Collection Size
Our bags can be assembled using a variety of shapes, materials, colors. Sample consists for exemple: 5 bags (colors) can be assembled minimum 250 different combinations, for now we have 11 colors
Competitive to
Furla, Michael Kors, The Cambridge Satchel Company
Country of Origin