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DRAPS is a leading Czech manufacturer of womens fashion. Established in 1998, it has always focused on women’s sportswear and active wear. Over the last several years, the focus has shifted more towards fashion and everyday clothing.  

The main customer segment is women age 40+, who appreciate the comfort in all available sizes as well as modern look and premium materials with unsurpassed quality. Most of our customers make repeated purchases season after season. 

Our products are offered in the Czech Republic through several of our own uni-brand stores as well as a network of sales partners. We export to Slovakia and parts of Germany and also sell our clothing online.  

Our B2B partners have access to an ecommerce platform where they can see the stock inventory and make direct orders for immediate delivery. Pre-orders are done twice a year with every new collection. 

We have a turnover of approximately 0,5 mi EUR in Eastern Germany and are looking for new partners in the rest of Germany and in Austria. 


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Brand Profile

Plus Size stock available No minumum order
Collections P/A
EU sizing: S-XXXL 
Average Wholesale Price
25-80 EUR
Collection Size
Competitive to
Country of Origin
Czech Republic