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Family-owned brand, founded by three sisters. The brand arose from necessity and grew to be a top quality luxury knits line. BIANA creates highly desirable, versatile women’s clothes. Stylish and distinguishing pieces, that will make you noticed.

The clothes travel extremely well as they do not wrinkle much. Chic designs flatter the female shape - we love to see you shine! BIANA offers unmatched comfort - feels like a second skin. BIANA is the choice of successful and socially concerned women.

BIANA is well aware of the impact they have on the environment and working conditions in the factory where the clothes are made. That’s why they make sensible decisions about the origin of the materials they use and the people they work with. BIANA is not only about looking good, but also being good.

We have taken knits to a whole new level:

  •  Two complete collections every season with everything from dresses to pants to separates;
    • BIANA is the premium brand - elegant and sophisticated
    • CONTEMPO is trendy and affordable
  • Unique designer styles - our creative team is lead by the Swedish designer Malin Tabell and is based in The Netherlands, which is a melting pot of European cultures - Thus BIANA is capturing the Scandinavian tradition in clean lines and solid colors infused with the best from South and Central European design. 
  • A wide variety of product -  We make the full spectrum of garments (dresses, pants, tops...) and use a broad variety of yarns - from viscoses, cottons, silks and modals to ultra fine merinos and cashmeres.  These features make us unique amongst the knitwear brands.
  • High quality - we use top Italian yarns and manufacture with German technology in Bulgaria; 
  • Solid consistent sizing - since we specialize in knits, we have mastered the science of taming various capricious yarns and knits into consistent size gradation across yarns and across styles season after season;
  • Fantastic fit - our fit is feminine and flattering, inspired by the best in Italian and French form;
  • Reliability - we deliver on time and keep stock for reorders in the US; 
  • Sustainable practices - revolving around the use of natural fibers, working only with responsible yarn mills and manufacturers and making high quality garments, which last for multiple seasons.



Brand Profile

Etichal No minumum order great quality value
Collections P/A
XS to XL
Average Wholesale Price
40 - 200 EUR
Collection Size
Approx. 40 articles per collection
Competitive to
St. Johns knitwear, Luisa Spagnoli, Misook, Tory Burch, Max Mara
Country of Origin